Monday, June 18, 2012


A slave lives with reckless abandon
A slave has no say
A slave is not the owner of the house
A slave points to the owner  of the house
A slave has no name
A slave's pride is in her master's glory and reputation
A slave benefits and income is dependent on her master's income

Now I want to ask, 'are you a slave?'
But I guess i was late on that one cause I also found out we all are
A better question is 'whose Slave are you?'

"I am the Lord's slave" said Mary. "May it be done to me according to your word." Then the angel left her.  - Luke 1:38


  1. Hmmm... Not sure if I like the Slave label when it comes to my relationship with God. I'd go with the 'Son' label anytime. A slave has no access to the throne but when the veil was torn after Jesus died, slavery became a thing of the past. Halleluyah!

    I've not forgotten you sir o. There is a lot in my basket atm but I'd get around to you soon.

    - LDP

    1. @LDP. Hello Bro, I don't like the slave label too, honestly far from it but as I studied the scriptures, I found out that people whom God used mightily had to choose the slave action (obey involuntarily, even at times they didn't know the whole course of action), Like Paul (Romans 1:1, Gal 2:2o).
      And when writing this, the whole idea was this: that everyone on earth whether we know it or not bows to something, everyone is speaking up and preaching the message of something, in summary, we are all evangelists, we are all preachers, but whose message are we preaching?
      Thanks for stopping by and I really can't wait *excited* :)



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