Monday, June 11, 2012


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Sometimes this reality just makes me forget those things that are truly real. . .
Like giving being far better than receiving.
Like dying being the best way to live.
I want to live like these things I believe with so much reckless abandon.
But when I arrive at the battle with so much in my hands to give
I lay all down and I see the soldiers defending our very own country quivering at the threats of a seemingly uncircumcised  philistine giant
Honestly I am flabbergasted at why men of valor would bow and quiver at these threats
What happened to heaven's hope?
What happened to the empty cross?
And this is where I am and trying to break free from:
When I raise my testimony of a good great God who no uncircumcised giant can contend with, they want to push me to the battle ground in their armor.
It's heavy and secured
 Over-sized and safe
It's in this moments the question of my own faith shines through
Will I trust the simple sling and stones over an armor?
Would I let God be God and me a vessel?
Oh, I don't want to point to an armor when asked for the reason  of my triumph
In the end people this is the miracle that turns the attention of the whole world to God.
It's not that we face our giants with the best strategies, market-place techniques, pop- psychology and philosophies and even before we are asked by the world what is the secret to our success 'they already have the answer'.

The miracle is when the world sees the giant on the floor and they can say 'this was not you, this must be God'

What common threats do believers of The Way face today?
How is life as detailed by Jesus contradictory from how the world calls us to live it from day to day? What current events or stories in your life if told in it's raw simple form can a listener respond to 'That must have been God' ?

"The Christian Life is Humanly Impossible"


  1. I believe one of the greatest threats is credibility. We have seem to have lost that. Gone were the days when those who were lost needed to just see signs and wonders.

  2. "Gone were the days when those who were lost needed to just see signs and wonders." but we desperately need those days back or the message of the church falls flat on the ears of the world. There's really no idea, philosophy or strategy we have to offer. It's all taken already. We need to offer what we have to offer, Jesus to a broken world, an empty cross, a life live by the power of the Holy Spirit and the hope of heaven.
    Thanks for stopping by Seye :)



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