Sunday, December 26, 2010


This is a late edition. I was meant to post this yesterday morning but . . . It's a long story. If you aren't technically savvy trust me, you aren't going to be interested. But alas, here we are or rather here I am posting this. I wrote a verse some weeks back about Christmas. Please someone tell me, is it still Christmas or we wait till next year till we read this. It's a day after Christmas and that's okay by me (at least the day still has something to do with Christmas 'a day after christmas' :))
Without much I do, below is the verse, please do enjoy, a Christmas gift to you

If there was no Christmas where would I be?
If the twenty fifth was just another day in December what would I do?
I did be hopeless
You are the Hope that gave us reason to hope
No You; no Christmas
No You; no me

You have made us more than we are
Now there's a chance to dance before the father
He adorns us with beautiful robes of righteousness
We can call him father
He has called us sons and daughters

Now there's a place at the table
Even beggars from the street sides are invited
We have a privilege to dine with the King of kings
We can call Him our King
He has called us His friends

Now there's a seal of promise
The bride has been found
And with great glee she makes herself ready
She swirls
She twirls
She is His body
Her radiance a glory
We can call him lover of our souls
He has called us the 'The Beloved'

The Season:
If there was no Christmas where would I be?
I would have no place at the table
I would be naked without a robe
With no lover; who would my heart desire be for?
But with the season
The story changes. . .

Our God was born in a manger so we wouldn't be strangers anymore
The author of the story becomes a character of His story and history is changed!
The Shepherd leaves ninety nine just to find one
The Lover goes on a wild and dangerous chase to win the heart of his beloved
All this and more at Christmas
These are the action points of our story
Or rather turning points for those who see the essence of the story
Christmas changed our stories
Christmas changed my story
If there was no christmas, there would be no me

Beyond a time of celebration
You have given a reason for celebration
In this season I find my reason
The reason is You
You are the reason for the season
Cause without You
There would be no Christmas


P.S. - I spelt 'technically' tenichally at the beginning of this post ( thanks to auto correction you read the right thing). I think I need some sleep. Bye for now and you keep remembering. . .

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