Sunday, December 26, 2010


I have a confession to make when I was little (say like 6 or so) I always thought Boxing day was a day dedicated to the Boxing game. I dreaded the day, praying we would go out somewhere so I won't have to watch boxing all day. I loved car racing those days (formula 1, I'm still pretty much a fan but the time isn't available to sit in front of ESPN watching cool cars running a track). These thought process changed the day I mistakenly ( really I shouldn't have ask ) asked my uncle what day was Formula 1day since there was boxing day. He didn't hide his laughter. He sure didn't. Bless his soul. He laughed so hard before giving me a long lecture about boxing day being a day dedicated to picking up gifts (dropped by Santa) from the Christmas tree. That was then. What gave me a sense of nostalgia today was a tweet I saw on my timeline this morning (I guess the person was trying to be funny but just simply reminded me of the foolishness of my childhood) which read 'It's boxing day and I just got my gloves ready. I'm ready for the competition' ha ha ah. . . Lame. Lame and dead :P

I woke up groggy today. It took me almost a hour to drag my self out of my duvet. Yesterday was family Christmas party and I had such a great time. I got back late and also slept late. I guess that added up to my waking late and groggy. As I dragged myself out of bed, I punched my dock-station as the music of Shelly Moore through the air waves ( bless her). ' God please help me through this day' I muttered. I had a Sunday school class to teach and I hadn't even prepared a note. 'Lord, What would I say to your people? I'm not even ready for this class'. I just drifted through and got to church thinking of what to say. I still felt groggy. Seriously I felt like sleeping all day. Then it came to my mind ' I have nothing, I am nothing'. It's sad how we rely so much on our preparation instead of God's strength and power to carry us through. Now don't get me wrong. To prepare and get ready is a wonderful thing. It's what soldiers are meant to do. 'Be prepared' says the Boys Scout motto. In fact I feel anointed when I'm prepared and gotten my stuffs in place. But the beginning of all things called disgrace is when we think we can change hearts by our public speaking skills and knowledge. It's a bad position I tell you. There's a beauty in letting God use us in his work and we being aware of it. When the miracle happen (it would be one cause you know that human strength cant achieve what just happened) we would realize that it's only a powerful God that can do this. I love skill. I hate sloppiness and indiscipline as a person. But sometimes we are just caught unaware. It a good thing to always realize even when we are aware that it's God working through us in working for him. The glory would be to him alone. Remember he would never share his glory with anyone. When we want to share in his glory by relying on our own skills, He simply removes himself, cause he already said he would NEVER share his glory. He cherishes his word more than his name.
Back to my class. At the end of the class I was changed and blessed. It was just like some divine podcast was playing through my mouth. I wasn't the one speaking and I knew it . God spoke.
In a hurry to get back home to rest, a church member crossed my path. Greetings and all. 'How was Christmas?' he asked. 'Great' I replied, ' we had this family party and I just didn't have enough time to sleep well'. ' oh, you are experiencing an hangover, sorry' he said. He walked away so fast before I could explain to him I didn't have any alcohol. I rolled my eyes and walked away.

I got home to sleep but I sure didn't sleep. My friend had a party and I already promised to be there. So I relaxed a bit, had some chill out time and off I was again. My arrival, party booming, music playing, beautiful people, I like! :)
For me, there's just this 'deepness' ( I know the right word is depth but let's just put it that way, I kinda sounds better). I experience when I meet people. A chance to know them. An opportunity to know another soul. A box of potentials. An individual with unique characteristics. It reminds me of the greatness of our God. We are unique, that is special in our own way ( I think it's C.S. Lewis that said each person knows something no one knows . . . So true). Welcome the party. Meeting new people and even old friends you've long seen is so much fun. I landed at my party table with four amazing individuals ( one I know, the other three were beautiful strangers). It was the conversations that just got me. Straight from the heart talk about life and all. It's an amazing thing when we put down our walls and just talk. And that was what we all did. Grinning and happy. I had the time of my life. To all the guys at my party table 'good to meet you'.
It all brings my mind back to an honest conversation I had with a friend on my way back from church today. She had been away for a while and we were simply catching up. It was so refreshing. Life is beautiful when we lift each other up be it in the place of constructive or transparent conversations. Nothing compares to the joy derived. In fact life is all about conversations. Conversation with God (prayer), conversation with self ( listening to the desires of your heart) and conversation with people ( my friends and I at the party table . . .serious I'm not trying to be nasty. LOL)

I was furious when my friend ( the one who organized the party) told me a few days ago that he had a new dog and he named her Diva. He is a dog lover ( I think that's his third or fourth, I'm really sure) and I'm okay with that. but what's with the name. ' the girls would hate you for that' I wanted to scream. 'Beyonce is a Diva not your dog' I wanted to correct.
Diva is a cool dog, you can be assured about that. I think I caught her wagging her tail once or twice. But I just don't see the point. I'm not venting but cool girls are called Diva, cool dogs are given names that end with the letter y like risky, suzzy, skippy, ricky, yuppy not diva.
My advice to guys reading, don't name your dog Diva. Your girlfriend might just get all emotional and you are wondering what's going wrong with our relationship. Nothing went wrong, you just simply gave what belongs to her to a dog! Wisdom is needed guys ( I would sure remind my friend about that too. . . He he he). Till next time its your boy Ayo Stephens a.k.a The King's son. Be blessed


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  1. Wow! Was twuely blessd n had a gud laff also.

  2. Wow! Was twuely blessd n had a gud laff also.



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