Tuesday, August 20, 2013


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I was before the world began
Precious and for a purpose.

Somehow, I didn't get to know how I came and how I was
Definitions, forms, labels I picked up some
Now I am
But I was
I was

As l looked into the mirror, I saw who I was before the world began, who I was before I was born. I was a treasure but what happened to me?
How often we complain of the fire without looking into the mirror.
For what I saw in the mirror, I will go through the fire.
Antiques are kept for a certain time, treasures refined. These we are. These we were. This I am.
As I looked into the mirror, I saw who I was before the world began, who I was before I was born.
The Word was before the world began.


357 days later.

"Are you trying to stop the fire or allowing the fire bring forth the real you?"

I think you have a name beyond your twitter bio. I think you are so much more to be reduced to the labels handed out for a behavior, performance, lifestyle or addiction.

But can you hope and remain faithful? Can you reason stupidly that this fire, the one before you, the one you've been avoiding all your life would't leave you in ashes but turn into gold?

Today, I'm not settling for labels. I don't know if you're okay with them. Cause even the good ones tend to fade. "He is a rich man", what is he when he's gone? "She's curvy .  . . and that's sexy", what is she when she's old and grey?

Labels come in all shapes and sizes. Bad, good, straight, gay, trans, black, white but we are so much more. We are antique. We were before the world began.

I dare you to take a plunge into the fire.

Like the guy in the photo.

Stop trying to stop the fire.

Go through the fire.

I dare you.

I dare you because of the real you on the other side of the fire.

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  1. The idea that we are unfortunate sojourners in this world is an illusion that many people have to come to embrace to sort of, soothe their ache when things do not go as they planned or envisioned. No one dares jump into the fire because they do not realise or refuse to believe that the fire is there to purify and not to punish.

    I have always counseled people who normally find themselves meshed in the conundrum of such themes as purpose, destiny and life, that all they need is an "encounter," a "journey-to-Damascus" experience that breaks the debilitating mindsets that so easily deludes us.

    There is more to this life. All we need to do is change our lenses.

    Thank you brother for this stark remembrance. Bless.



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