Thursday, January 19, 2012

Start Here!

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I have turned it over in my mind till I knew it was almost over
'Will it be today?'
Is it today, I get o write that piece, that amazing one that would change the world.
Maybe tomorrow so I'll wait for tomorrow
But tomorrow never comes in my waiting
The tomorrow i wait for ends up being another day waiting for tomorrow
So I start. . .

There's a new idea running around of waiting till we have it all together
Waiting till the weather' fine till we go out to play
If you're indoors and waiting and pulling back the curtains, maybe I suggest to you you might never leave the house if you keep doing that
And may I also suggest to you: It's time

It's time to be all you were made to be
It's time to run into the open and play be it sun or rain
It's time to take on the journey even it's raining on the outside

Look! We can never be who we want to be from where we are
You feel weak? not up to the task? You feel you don't have the strength yet?
My question for you: How would you know you've got power if you aren't doing anything
Power is being able to do something
Start here!
Just right were you are
Your prayer closet isn't an opportunity to hide
Are you asking God to do things He's already done
Are you waiting for a Messiah when He's already dead,risen and glorified
It's time to get out and do that which you were made for
You want to walk on water?
Then you've got to get out of the boat
Just Start!
Right where you are
Happy 2012

P.S. - This really was borne out of my wanting to write 'the appropriate' new year post. And I wrote a couple of stuffs and kept turning them down that they weren't appropriate enough to start off the new year. But you know what, it just occurred to me: Just Start! And that's what I did.
Happy new year to my readers. It's a great year ahead, lots of great things God has in store for us but we must start, not letting the setbacks of the year before hold us down. We are never ready, so we cold just get it started. Have a great year ahead :)

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